Your barn is many things. It's a home for your horses and other livestock. It's an investment. And it's a place where you and your animals spend a great deal of time. That said, it can also be a haven for biting flies and an assortment of other uninvited insect guests. These insects dramatically impact both your animals' comfort and yours. It doesn't have to be that way--after all, it is YOUR barn!

United Mosquito has a simple, cost-effective solution that will rid your barn of flies and other insects while eliminating the need for labor-intensive sprays that give you poor coverage and contribute to animal stress. Furthermore, we'll help you save money by reducing fly-transmitted diseases, infection, contamination and other stress sources that result in lost production and performance! Let United Mosquito & Fly Control design a custom, fully-automatic solution for your barn so you can take your barn back! Call us today at 913-558-3814!


If you’re tired of fighting off insects with messy spray can repellents and smelly foggers, this system is for you! The automatic insect control system that makes your barn a safe haven from mosquitoes, flies, wasps, spiders and dozens of other insects. And it doesn’t just repel them—it kills them so they can never come back!

It is safe, convenient and easy to use, making it easier than ever to keep your barn insect-free. And it maximizes ancillary investments like tack, feed, training devices and more. Isn’t it time to take your barn back?


The system not only helps you reclaim your barn, it improves health conditions by eliminating disease-carrying insects. Biting insects spread diseases like Heartworms and the West Nile Virus to you, your animals—and even your children. They can also cause allergic reactions. The solution is simple: an automatic system. Only this system creates a barrier around a custom-designed perimeter— a barrier that kills would-be insect invaders, keeping your animals healthier and more comfortable. And the system uses an EPA approved insecticide—so you and your animals can rest easy, knowing your barn is protected twenty-four hours a day.

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