Don't let uninvited guest ruin your outdoor event!

You've worked forever on all the little details. You may have agonized over the caterer or menu. You've searched high and low for just the right decorations and entertainment. And you have spent hour and hours on the guest list!

Everything is going to be perfect. Right?

Hopefully yes. But if uninvited guests in the form of mosquitoes, biting flies and the like show up, the party might be over even before it gets started.

You've sweated every detail -- don't overlook this last one. Be sure your party goes off without a hitch and have United Mosquito & Fly Control make sure these uninvited guests are no-shows!

Although we specialize in installed pest control systems, we can also help you effectively manage mosquitoes, flies and other pests at all of your outdoor functions with our portable service packages.

From weddings to family picnics or even corporate events held outside, United Mosquito & Fly Control can help keep unwanted pests at bay so you can enjoy your function. Call us today to learn more at 913-558-3814.