United Mosquito & Fly Control specializes in outdoor pest control systems for
homes, farms, and businesses throughout the Midwest. We pride ourselves on
our innovative, permanent solutions that allow you (or your customers) to enjoy
your time outdoors!

While standard pest control practices can be effective, our solution is distinctly
different -- and more permanent. We install our proprietary automatic pest control
systems to become a permanent part of your ongoing insect control efforts.

Our staff is fully trained for installation and service work on automatic insect
control systems. We operate in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Iowa. Our pest
control systems are both effective and safe.

United Mosquito & Fly Control is a locally-owned business that serves the
Midwest. The business and its predecessor have served these markets for 15
years, and was acquired by Kansas City entrepreneur Paul Friedrichs in 2004.
Since then is has continued is tradition of excellent customer service and

We serve the following markets:

* Residential
* Equine Facilities
* Agricultural
* Commercial
* Outdoor Events
* Weddings
* Private Parties
* Corporate Outings
* Country Clubs


Paul Friedrichs, Owner and Manager

5427 Johnson Drive, #144
Mission, KS 66205

Tele: 913-558-3814
Email: paul@unitedkc.com

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